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20,000 Leagues Under the Office



"X-ray machines are to this country what prophylactics are to the ovum." Malcolm McClosky, Airport Security Supervisor

Stop and search experts Malcolm McClosky and Esperanza Vallejo present their take on all matters of security, born out of a lifetime of patrolling airports and being shouted at.

Using the mediums of dramatic reconstruction, interpretive dance, tragedy, rock'n'roll, magic and an incredible non-acrobatic number, they present a clown show so utterly stupid that it might just save your life.

Directed by Aitor Basauri.

"an unapologetic symphony of bad taste, executed with deceptive precision and muscularity, that made me cry twice with laughter, hyperventilate, and be unable to look at my husband in case we both wet ourselves. We weren't alone." Venue Magazine

"laugh-out-loud funny." The Guardian

"for those of us that can appreciate the good in the bad, it's a treat." Bristol Evening Post

"will have you in hysterics... pure genius... a brilliant bonkers show. " Bristol Culture

Developed and commissioned through Bristol Ferment at Bristol Old Vic.

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