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Very Hard Times

The Dept. of Smelling Pistakes

20,000 Leagues Under the Office



The Dept. Of Smelling Pistakes
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"A thing of sublime comic beauty"
"A hilarious caricature of the stifling formalities and hierarchies of office life, channeling Reggie Perrin, Kafka, Beckett and the Goons, and two splendid comic performances from Angus Barr and Toby W. Davies."
"spadefuls of surreal comedy"

Venue Magazine

"A torrent of absurd, colourful comedy. . .a brilliant exercise in repetitive humour, office-based slapstick and non-stop silly wordplay."
Suit Yourself Magazine

"Absurd genius. . .a delightful mix of the bizarre and the brilliant. Both Barr and Davies are outstanding. . .It is so rare to find something that can combine groan-inducing puns, political humour and one-liners with such skill. . .Absurd, surreal and very, very funny. "

"Sheer lunacy. . . It should be compulsory viewing for anyone aspiring to work in local government."
Bristol Evening Post